Take a breath.

Who would have imagined that behind the white wall, a couple steps from the square, such a lively garden would have blossomed its way up? Yes, good afternoon, your room is upstairs. That is a fig tree, that is a floripondio, that is a capulí. Please make yourself at home and welcome to Cuenca; we will take care of anything you need.

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Choose your own adventure.

The city wakes up for another day: blackbirds are announcing the morning and the bells are tolling again. What sort of adventures may have Cuenca prepared for your visit? Perhaps it'll be zigzaging hikes through the mountain? Deep conversations by the candlelight? Frenzied party 'til dawn comes back? All three, one after the other?

We wouldn't dare to take a guess. What we can do is recommend you to taste one of our generous breakfasts to get you on your feet and to take a look at the bar on your way back to your room: it is quite possible that the evening may be happening right here.

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Make yourself at ease.

But let's calm down for a minute: for us, there's no luxury that compares to uninterrumpted rest. That is what our orchard brings in: a few minutes inside and you'll have recovered your sense of harmony. This place is alive, but it is at peace. Each of our rooms provides its own bathroom, desk and closet. Meanwhile, our personnel is available 24/7 in case any grievance occurs.

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An ideal neighborhood.

Founded at Holy Week, the Incan Path half a block away, four rivers running through the same valley: yes, Cuenca is as magical as everybody says. What we offer you is a set of headquarters in harmony with the city that nests us: pastoral and cosmopolitan, energetic yet tranquil. And in our case we're especially fortunate: wherever you want to visit, we're pretty much next to it.

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Request your stay

Let us know when you would like to come and we will answer in a couple hours. We can provide airport transfers and pets are indeed allowed.

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